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How Nigerian Billionaires source for energy to sustain themselves.


Fortunately for us, Gone are the days when Nigerian men showed their wealth through the size of their pot belly, like we have always known as kids, Back then when  life centered on the saying that “Pot belly is an evidence of good living”. That statement alone, has single handedly caused more death than Ebola has caused in Nigeria. People loved to look wealthy with luscious skin and bloated body. While the men were told to to show their achievements by the size of their belly, who were advised to have a big belly because it would enable their wrappers sit right in the waist. Skinny women were referred to as poor and I deficient since their wrappers will always look like they were handed down to them.

I was opportune to have a quick chat with a prominent Nigerian, on how they get to attend all these meetings all day long, make all these business decisions, and handle all these employees and money, travel around the world for business. He told me that the initial key obviously will be to Pray, to plan, to work hard, and finally to EXERCISE..

He said they (The rich),  automatically feel better  and stronger when they sweat out their stress. I was not surprised to learn that the wealthy people of this world are extremely busy with making money, but still find the time to  workout so much. Because the brain, the heart, and entire body system, get blood flow which leads to an efficient work flow. Every Rich man in Nigeria nowadays, is thriving to be as slender as the average person, and this is the reason  why their bodyguards are now  being mistaken for the boss.

While we sleep, these men work, while we are awake, they equally work. So if exercise has been named the main source of the energy, and is working out well for them, then why are you and I, not doing the same to be like these wealthy people? I see people who don’t lift a pin in the name of workout, complain about all kinds of pain, and tell you that they can’t find time to workout because of their 9-5 jobs. when I look at their counterparts who always workout, it is incredibly clear who is living a better life. Now for an employee, you might not have the time to work out everyday like I do, but you can try weekends and every other day. Burn the fat and tell me how it felt. You will realize how much energy you will get from nowhere. The “I am tired” statement will drastically diminish without you clearly realizing it. You job descriptions will be exceeded, once again without you knowing it.  Feel free to comment what our think. What is your own reason for not working out? It could be due to a surgery, or delivery, I will like to know.

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