Why do Nigerian Employees Fear their bosses.??

Boot licking sucks

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From my experiences in this Country of ours, I have come to a conclusion that this is professionally unhealthy for the work environment. I have visited offices, or even worked in an office where people stop breathing once they sight the boss approaching. The mere ground that bosses  stepped on, gets kissed. People rush to pretend like they have been working, they even go as far as hiding to avoid an eye to eye contact, running to collect anything that he has in his hands, ranging from a book, down to a weightless pen. That is the extreme part.

Boot licking sucks
Boot licking sucks

When Nigerians hear their Boss making the wrong assumption or decision during a meeting or just one-to-one conversation.  They are so afraid to let a word leave their mouth even when they didn’t commit any crime. This is the way they take job security matters to their own hands around here.  They simply let that Boss of theirs, take the misleading decision all by him/herself, to prevent being seen as being forward.

You can’t see an employee who is personally willing to have a conversation with the boss, unless it is important or mandatory.

Boot licking sucks
Boot licking sucks

No one actually sat down and taught employees this uncomfortable behaviour, individuals developed it themselves. They just can’t even have a little confidence to talk to their boss. The silence that comes while the boss is walking across the offices can send a baby to sleep. It is  so obvious that these bosses do know about these reaction. They grow to look forward to it. I feel they don’t want to say anything to prevent it from happening, and doesn’t get disrespected.

In Nigeria, it is either  you are respected or you are disrespected, there is no intermediate. So if any boss asks his employees to tone down the fear level to convert it to simple respect, he is  assumed to be demanding for disrespect.

Boot licking sucks
Boot licking sucks

Nigerian bosses, just like the Pastors, have gotten use to the extreme respect from their subordinate that has over the years turned into FEAR. They see it as disrespectful if you stop doing those things that you were doing in the beginning.

Dear Employees. Don’t be a hypocrite who says bad about their bosses behind his back, and come to his presence to lick his boots. This is not a good picture.

Boot licking sucks
Boot licking sucks

Fearing your Boss will affect you these ways: 

. It will stop you from being noticed as a significantly contributor to the establishment. When you are too afraid to talk to your boss, how do you share ideas that will guarantee your promotion, while you work?

. When you Tell your superior your ideas and he presents it to the boss like its his, isn’t it obvious that you are selling your Brian power and intellectual right helping your superior go even higher in hierarchy?

. Bosses didn’t ask you to do all these, and even if they did, if you do what is expected of you at your work place, you will not need to be licking all those boots to impress anyone. Do your job and stop being weird out there.

. Speaking to your boss will make you a lesser victim to office conspiracy, doom, and eventual dismissal. The amount of struggle to the top, the eat or be eaten. The back stabbing going on in offices these days, any one can be bought , and many are victimized. If you are Always asking people to help you present your issues to the Boss , you are setting yourself up for victimization.

So Dear Employees, Respect is enough. Fearing your boss is uncalled for, and annoying. The worst part is that you encourage others join you in it. It is not an attractive quality, boot licking sucks, and it is a show of incompetence.

Boot licking sucks
Boot licking sucks

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