why do men cheat?

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So a lot of people are trying to correct what the Almighty God has created and programmed. Men are meant to find interesting things at every point in time of their life. So many men like a girl at one point and then a woman being so possessive will want to make him ignore any other good thing hour might find soon. Honey, girlfriend, wife, side chic,. That is called caging. Men are insatiable, they are constantly looking for fun which is the way they have been wired. Ladies, women ‘ Men can never change’…. They love to try out new women everyday and every night. Stop making a big deal out of it, your husband is looking for a sweet thing, let him. Instead of stalking him of trying to change him. Or threaten him, you should find what you are good at, and invest your time and make a name for your self. Stop trying to fix ur husband. He is a perfectly normal man and doesn’t need fixing, after he cheats, make him hour favourite meal and run his bath water, and then looking amazingly sexy for him. So when hour is out, take ur ideal mind away from him and focus on something else. Stay with ur husband, he will cheat on you, and you can’t do anything about it. Eliminate that part of his life from ur head, and work ur butts off, go on vacation and live a good life. Stop breaking down and cry when it happens, that’s just an old story and frankly, it’s annoying. No one cares any longer, shit will happen, face it.

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