Teyana Taylor reveals her threesome gig with husband in new album.


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Actress, singer signed to kanye west, Mother of one (June), business woman and wife to Athlete Iman Shumpert, has revealed that she and her husband are engaged threesomes to spice up their young marriage.

The two who have just started their reality show about a realistic black love, have made it clear that they are not in anyway ashamed of the sexual life. While the reality money pours in, the yojng family of the Shumpert, have gone a step or two higher to expand their business sides. While Teyana begins her all girl production house with her fellow women who share in her likeness for entertainment. Teyana equally opened up a nail salon which she named after her daughter June. The June salon is said to be one of her branches to make herself the strong black woman she aspires.

After her album dropped and people noticed the line that signifies that the Couple regularly engaged in threesomes which spices up their marriage.

“There shouldn’t be limits when you’re married ” She said.

Teyana was asked about her song 3-way and if it was true or not that she and ImanShumpert are swingers, here is what she had to say via the Jasmine Brand.

“Ok look. Listen. I ain’t finna sing about nothing that I ain’t been through. Ok. My album is what it is. But what’s crazy, something shocking, you know that 3 Way almost didn’t make the album? It’s crazy. I was like…I was like no!! This stays!!

I was like do you know how many “thank you’s” I’m gonna get for this?!! The summer is lit!! The summer of lit!!” Once you break it down and the reason I say this. I’m not saying that this is what you have to do, but I’m what I’m saying is when you make a vow and your married, it ain’t no limits. Period!!” well we all can start now to say our “thank you’s” to our ripped 6packs sister Teyana.

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