Oby Oriji blog fitness: How my Workout was disrupted by Jidenna and Rotimimusic’s funny Instagram videos.


Good morning guys, wondering how my morning routine went this morning?

I woke up very early this morning with the intent to run as early as possible, because the estate security guys take special pleasure watching ladies run while the sunrises *for obvious reasons*, I still don’t know what made me come on Instagram before leaving, but all I know is that I ended up spending 20 MINUTES!!!! Watching @jidenna and @rotimimusic plantain and butterscotch videos 6 times. Let’s just say, The Security guys were all smiles this morning when we jogged. I am still not sure whose fault it is 😕😕.
. P.s That is not me Car, and I simply stood behind it for the sake of this photo. #disclaimer #morningrun

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