Nigerians praise Chimamanda for her graceful responds to a French Journalist’s highly offensive question about Nigeria.

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It is normal for other Countries to try to poke at us for no offense. This was the case between Chimamanda and a French journalist who was interviewing her about book, and suddenly decided to ask her if Nigeria has Libraries in it.

Not finding it in anyway fine to ignore or take lightly the question, Chimamanda Criticized him and his Country people for such a question.

Below is the video recording from the interview Between Adiche and a French journalist, before it all went sour.

Let me answer that question just In case the Journalist and all who sincerely think like him about Nigeria didn’t get the  answer they waited for the question. Yes. We have libraries in Nigeria and they have nooks in them, which we read if we want to. Thank you to Chimamanda for standing up for the Country. Watch video below.

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