Harmattan.. The time when every Nigerian home owner is accused of being filth.

Harmattan (gettyimage)

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Hi goodmorning guys. This Saturday at 12:30pm, I just finished my chores. My  Dusting, sweeping, mopping weren’t done in a haste today. My cleaning tradition has always been to clean the entire house thoroughly on Saturdays,  While I have the light ones done a few times within the week.

Harmattan (gettyimage)
Harmattan (gettyimage)

But on this particular day, the cleaning process was longer and more intense. It is for the obvious reason though. The Harmattan season has fnally arrived. In Nigeria, we have only two reasons.

Harmattan (gettyimage)
Harmattan (gettyimage)

. The Wet (Rainy) season:The season where we have the rain fall. From March – October for the North, and almost all year round for the South.

. The Dry (Harmattan) season:The season of dry breeze, dust, and whistling breeze. From October to March.

Harmattan (gettyimage)
Harmattan (gettyimage)

So ladies and Gentlemen, it is with great honour, that I announce to you that we are right now, in the Harmattan season, where you have to constantly wipe your table tops, and other surfaces after every 20 minutes. I have been wiping for the entire week, to no avail.

But cleaning today, I noticed that in order for you to limit the in flow of dust into your homes, these are some of the actions to take:

Harmattan (gettyimage)
Harmattan (gettyimage)

. With The North being extremely cold (Jos), Close up your windows, to retain warmth and prevent dust.

. Stay away from wiping your table tops with oil based substances.

. After wiping your table and surface tops with your wet rag, make sure you wipe it with a dry rag, to dry up the water, and to Prevent the liquid from attracting dust.

.And constantly wipe surfaces to avoid being tagged a filthy Nigerian.

Make this routine last as long as the season, other wise your guests will raise their brows at your hygiene.

Harmattan cleaning.

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Harmattan (gettyimage)
Harmattan (gettyimage)


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