Nigerian Medical Ward in BIG trouble as DOCTORS commence mass Emigration due to poor working condition.


Nigerians hysterically cry out to the government as the mind numbing news of Massive relocation amongst Doctors hit the internet. Since the dawn of ages, Nigerians Doctors have had to work under poor conditions, with little or no incentives for working over time.

With the amount of public money being stolen on a daily basis by the corrupt politicians of this dear Country, little or no money is left for other arms of the Country, which has led series of protests from oil workers, doctors, teachers and many more.

But President Muhammadu Buhari represented by the minister of Health, had earlier threatened the resident Doctors for striking, which had resulted in a massive relocation by the Doctors of all kinds to various Countries, leaving the citizens scared for the future.

With the workload allocated to Doctors of Nigeria and little pay, they have been known to excel in the new Countries. This is simply disheartening as Hospitals are already crying out due to the shortage of very experienced hands in the medical ward, which has lead to high mortality of patients in the Country, for simply cases.

The rich (politicians) have taken to the second option of having to go for medical check ups outside the Country, while the poor have had to bury their loved ones due to quack(inexperienced) medical practitioners that were left behind by the experts. The rate of child mother mortality has risen to a great height, along side others. Dear Mr President, what does the future holds, for the common Nigerian?.

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Singer Shakira postpone Europe tour to 2018 after suffering from hemorrhage on her right vocal cords


The singer who was about to go on tour, just announced this on her instagram page to her family, friends, and fans.

“To my friends and fans,

For the last five months, I have been wholly dedicated to preparing for my El Dorado world tour.
However these past few days, just before my concert, have been the hardest of my career. At the end of July I went for a routine checkup before starting to design this tour, and my Doctor told me that my vocal cord were in perfect condition. Towards the end of October though, in the home stretch of my rehearsal, I felt a strange hoarseness
That impeded my singing. The Doctors, upon examination, detected that I had suffered hemorrhage on my right vocal cords. I then went on a vocal rest as recommended by my specialist in attempt to recover in time for my first show in cologne.

Unfortunately, the hemorrhage doesn’t appear to have reabsorbed, as my nightmare continues. At the moment, I find myself in a difficult battle as I try to fully recover. It pains me not to be able to sing this month, for those who have done even the impossible to get tickets, and accompany me through out the Countries of Europe.

For my team of 60 people who have worked day and night to help me put up the best show of my Artistic career,and who, like myself are anxious to begin the tour.

For my kids who were anxious to see their mom in concert as soon as possible. And above all, for my fans, who have always been by my side through the good and bad, and who deserve the best of me.

In all the years I have been singing, I have never been faced with a situation like this. As such ad with a heavy heart, As such as with heavy heart, I must announce that I find myself obliged to postpone my Europe tour until 2018.
To allow myself, several necessary weeks, dedicated to my complete recovery.

Thanks to my fans throughout the world, for their understanding and loyalty for all the encouraging messages and affection they have transmitted to me, and for their prayers.
I hope to overcome this difficult trial, and to return to the stage as soon as possible, to once again hear your voices singing along with mine.
I love all of you very much, and I will always remember those who have been by my side during this time, offering their friendship and affection.

We wish her a quick recovery.

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Humanity need: What to do with your Sunday left overs in Nigeria.


Hi Guys, so since many readers of Oby Oriji blog aren’t from Nigeria, I will let you know what a typical Nigerian Sunday food looks like. Before advising my Nigerian people on what to do with their leftovers.

In Nigeria, a none written and oral rule has existed for as long as anyone can remember. Since half of Nigeria’s population are Christians, there is a huge attendance of church services on Sundays. After that, they are known to gather as a family to consume the famous Nigerian rice. They come in various ways depending on the part of the Country you find yourself.

On Sunday in the Northern part of the Country, White rice is boiled and eaten with chicken, goat meat,beef, ice fish or dried fish, offals or stockfish stew. Theses could be combined with fried plantain, boiled beans and eggs. Since fresh vegetables are grown in the North, the Northerners normally eat their rice with Spinach, lettuce, cabbage, Ugo. In the south, there is a high consumption of Nigerian jollof rice a.k.a party rice. Some eat Jollof with the ultimate ingredient (Bay Leaf) present, others have it garnished with carrots, green peas and beans,amongst other basic spices. Visit My friend to access her various recipes for a delicious Nigerian Jollof.

But today we will look at how to handle leftovers in our homes. In Nigeria these days, a lot of families, especially kids go to bed on an empty stomach while keeping it a secret. Families that have, can always help families that don’t. It is equally a tradition to have most Nigerian kids eat rice for lunch on Mondays which is as a result of the over flow from Sunday. But we are very much aware that it is not every household that has kids to help consume the left over rice the next day. For those who are stuck with their left over with no babies to take them to school and consume.

This is the category we are dealing with. For the sake of humanity, you might not have the non sufficient (‘have nots’) come up to you to share their challenges with you, or embarrassingly ask her food out of their pride.

So if you look around you carefully,paying attention to details, you will see that a lot of Nigerians are suffering. So please, don’t give your leftovers to your over fed dogs,cats pigs, or over fed kids, there are a lot of humans who need it to survive. Take away packs (Take out plastics), are everywhere you can think of in the Country, and even flooding in homes that eat out. Use them to package the leftover rice neatly with or without meat, and give out the plates of food to these needy people in the neighbourhood.

While doing it, please try not to take pictures and videos to prove to the world that you are being kind and generous to the needy. It is between you and God, let him pay back your good deeds his own way. You should know that it is not between you and social media users who you are hoping to get likes and follows from,like some well known celebrities. Do it in the secret, no one needs to know.
Hand the filled plates to the needy humans in your community, streets, or neighbourhood and leave them alone. Don’t pull out a phone for a quick snap or video. That is how you can handle your leftovers after Sunday, or other times you have more than enough to eat. Help the poor out there, and stay low key.

Image Source: Getty Image of Jollof rice

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Oby Oriji blog Fitness: The Pros and Cons of having a work out buddy.


So guys,how was your weekend? Or should I say, how is the new week going? Did you work out or the cold mean hands of Monday morning took your attention? You know what they say in the workout world.
“Never miss a Monday”. Well that was the reason why I woke up early enough this morning, looking for my workout buddies, one was preparing to travel, and the other one was preparing to have a walk of shame. I became my own motivation and inspiration that I got up, got ready and went ahead to run my 10 laps. But the most important thing is that I noticed my belly fat went intact, so I started my deadly 5x100s this morning and almost passed out. Reason being that it stabs you belly,immediately showing how efficient It is. My 5x100s consist of:

1. 100 Toe Touches
2. 100 Crunch claps
3. 100 legs lifts
4. 100 dynamic planks
5. 100 bicycle crunches. Find photos below for this moves.
It burnt me like crazy. With that said I will like to weight the pros and cons of having a workout buddy.

For a person newly on a weight loss journey, they require a lot of motivation form a workout buddy. It is simply difficult for them to do it all by themselves because they are feeling the urge to go back to their old ways of life, but with the help of a workout buddy, they get consistent with the healthy life. So it is safe to conclude that a workout buddy is simply most important to the new convert who thinks exercise is torture to the human soul, when it is in fact the most beautiful thing.

Cons: Now on the other hand, when an already motivated fit fam, has a lazy or new to the fit life workout buddy, then he or she is bound to disrupt your consistency. They have all kinds of reason to prevent them from working out which will definitely affect you enthusiasm. They will have the lamest excuse not to join you. Now if you are not a determined fellow, you will find your self feeling as lazy as the actual lazy person.

Take for example, this morning, my workout buddies couldn’t join me because one had spent the night at her boyfriend’s and was about having her drive of shame while I had finished working out, while the other was on vacation. If I was completely dependent on my workout buddies for motivation for every time I needed to workout, I definitely would not be as consistent as I am with my healthy workout life.

Lesson of the day is: In this life, you will be required to be your own motivation. Don’t always rely on people for your strength, most times it doesn’t come. Not even your family members will always support you. You are enough, you are strong, you are a star in the making.
images (4)

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The Carter Twins, Sir and Rumi finally make it out of the house.


The second and third kids to the Carter family of Beyonce and Jay Z, who were born on Jun 13 2017, were first seen on 14th June, suspected to be a day after their birth, when their mother Beyonce, share the announcement photo with the twins in her arms and her back against the flower wall.

The twins were immediately taken away from the public eye after wards, with Beyonce going about her normal day to day activities. About to be 5 months, the twins were seen 12 hours ago for the first time after their birth. They look so fluffy and health. Makes everyone winder what Mama B has been feeding them. Ladies and gentlemen I present to you Sir and Rumi Carter.

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Health Issues: The incredible testimony of a 24 year old cancer survivor.


Jessica Geneva Florence is a 24 year old Cancer survivor, who was diagnosed at 22 years. She shared her story on social media, and I thought a reader here, can draw inspiration and strength from her. Read her story below:

“who FIRST OF ALL … My name is Jessica Geneva Florence. I am now 24 years old, and I survived , better yet SLAYED breast cancer! 💕 Death to this silent monster!!! I am finally putting you to rest. Today I had my last treatment and it feels so amazing to reach the finish line !! When I was diagnosed at the age of 22, I never thought I would ever feel like the same woman I was before I lost the only thing I knew, made me a woman. To the freedom and liberation I feel is like no other .You constantly battle that feeling of being pretty and hideous as if you’re the monster who killed the only you you knew. Big shouts to @ihartericka because it is most definitely a lonely personal battle..she inspires me to not be afraid to get out there and love again , and most importantly to love who I am , what I’ve endured, and who I will be come. October has come to an end yet we feel this is the only time to bring awareness and support breast cancer. We will honor ALL fighters and ALL survivors year round ! We will not be celebrated for just one month ! – @geneva_la_jade”

We wish her a permanent recovery.

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Health issue: Estimated 200,000 people are living with HIV in Oyo State, please who counted them?


The statement gotten was written as:

“Dr Sani Aliyu, Director-General, National Agency for the Control of AIDS ( NACA ) says an estimated 200,000 people are living with HIV in Oyo State.

He made the disclosure on Tuesday in Ibadan during a courtesy call to Gov. Abiola Ajimobi of Oyo State at the executive council chamber of the governor’s office.

The delegation led by Aliyu, included representatives of relevant international donor and funding agencies like WHO.

Aliyu stated that only 16,000 out of the estimated 200, 000 persons living with HIV in the state are currently on treatment. “We have a gap between the number of infected persons and those on treatment. We have a gap between infected pregnant women and those receiving treatment.
“We also have issues with the number of new infections recorded,’’ he said.

The NACA boss stated that 10, 000 pregnant women in Oyo State are living with HIV, adding that about 50 people contact HIV in the state on a daily basis.

He stated that the state has a considerable figure in terms of new infections, commending the state government for running one of the best programmes on HIV/AIDS.

Aliyu said that there are 1,060,000 people living with HIV in Nigeria, out of which only five percent were currently on treatment courtesy of the Nigerian government.

The NACA boss stated that about one million Nigerians are currently on treatment on the bills of the international donor agencies.”
My Opinion:
The problem I always have with numbers that come out of our Country Nigeria is that we actually don’t carry out extensive research. If we as a Country don’t know how many we are, owing to the fact that the last census was done in 2006, then I never believe Figures from Nigeria. Over the years, people have been known to sit in their offices, and conclude on a figure to give to the media and the public, which has been false especially for high numbers like this. Since we love to exaggerate, it is safe to safe that this figure is not 100% trusted.

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The best way for Nigerian parents to digest their food after a late dinner.


Hi guys, So we are not going to pretend that we all have salad for dinner like the western world, you all know that in Nigeria, most times our dinner consist of starch, starch, starch. First of all, we can’t help ourselves, these cuisines are delicious, and it is torture to skip them most times.

We have also been told to stop eating the moment it is 4pm, but that too, is seriously hard to accomplish because some people in Nigeria get home from work by 9pm, due to traffic. They definitely will have dinner while on their way or when they eventually get home. So that too, is a bit impossible around here to adhere to.

But today, what we will be looking specifically at the only option we are left with when all we consider impossible is kept aside. After you have had you dinner, feeling heavy and sleepy at the same time, there are two things that you can do to feel better light and ready to sleep immediately.

1. Boil a big cup of water. while it is very hot, drop a bag of Lipton tea, or top tea, or even green tea like you can see mine in the picture above. Since the water got to its boiling point, it will take a very short time for the tea bag to colour diffuse. The moment the water is coloured, don’t add any milk, milo or sugar to it, start sipping it hot. Don’t wait for the water to get warm, or even cool. This will wash down your food along with all the oil or grease in it, and you will immediately start to belch which signifies your hastened digestion process. Give yourself 3-5 minutes to allow the tea travel to every corner of your stomach causing a quick digestion. The good thing about this is that it also melts stomach fat and fat from the food you just consumed. This is my quick tip to feeling better after every late night snack or dinner. But if the tea will stimulate you, i.e preventing you from going to sleep, then this second option is for you.

2. Boil a cup of hot water, and sip in it until you start to belch. No sugar, no milk( because it causes bloating), but you can have a little milo to taste.

But the best way is to have a very light dinner, like bread and tea. If you can avoid oily food at night, that would awesome. As for my amazing fellow patriots who love swallow and soup for dinner, you need a pot of tea. Lol.. But Eba for dinner is dangerous. They are better of eaten for lunch.

Try this and give me your feedback. As for me, I just finished my mug full of Tea.

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Female Health: “Dump your boyfriend when he says Your v****a smells” – Gynecologist .


A female gynaecologist, Dr Gunter has advised women all over the world to break up with their partners if they criticise the smell from their v****a . After sharing her own personal experience. Dr Jen Gunter spoke out after commenting on recent reports that women have been using Vicks VapoRub to cleanse their vaginas.

Writing on her blog, the Canadian gynaecologist slammed the ridiculous trend before revealing that she had previously broken up with a man who had criticised her privates.

She said: “For what I am sure is the 100th time the vagina needs no cleaning and the vulva needs very little.

I know the array of useless feminine washes and wipes at the drugstore and the drivel spouted by Gwyneth Paltrow via GOOP imply otherwise, but I’m the actual expert.”

Dr Jen then shared a very personal story about the time she had ditched a man who made disparaging comments about her vagina. She writes: “I once dated a guy who insinuated my vagina did not smell right.

He was an ass in other ways too, but I just didn’t see it until he impugned my vagina. For example, he thought my hair would be better if it were straight. Sadly I took the bait, it wasn’t. He thought I would look better if I dressed a certain way. .

Again I took the bait. I just felt worse. When it came around to telling me how my vagina could be better it finally clicked that this is a form of control that men often use.

Fortunately I am an appropriately confident vagina expert and I had a light bulb moment and dumped his sorry ass. I realize this may border on TMI [Too Much Information], but honestly if it happened to me I bet it has happened to other women.

If you think you have a medical condition, see a doctor. If your partner insinuates that an artificial smell is preferable to the smell of a normal vagina they are the one who has an issue.

Telling women how they can be better is a classic way of tapping into body image issues and honestly in my personal opinion it is a form of abuse.”
What do you guys think? Because she looks like Drew Berry More, for that I will listen to her.

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Health Issues: Newly engaged Singer Banky W, surprises fans with news of his third Cancer surgery, shows picture evidence.


The other half of the Nigerian power couple announced yesterday that his had successfully undergone his third cancer surgery on his shoulder, after under going the second one 10 years ago. He thanked his fiancee Adesuwa Etomi, his family, in-laws,friends, fans and men of God who have helped him throughout his predicament. He alsobankywellington-1510307373175 referred to his girl as the nurse that has been by his side all the time.

Read His Caption Below:

I had my 3rd surgery on a rare strain of skin cancer tumours in my shoulder last month. The first 2 times were over 10 years ago, then it recently resurfaced
But this isn’t a sad story as much as it is a reminder, and a testimony

A reminder that you should never take life for granted. You only get 1 shot…
I think I had to go through this again to remember how merciful God is to me; Lord knows I don’t deserve it but He saves me time and again anyway. I keep saying I need to write a book. I really, really do
The past few weeks of recovery have been tough, but beautiful. I’m finally back on my feet, feeling stronger and ready to get back to life
I’m especially thankful to my Nurse Susu for loving me and being by my side every step of the way – I don’t deserve U 😍😭, my parents & siblings, in-laws & close friends for the love, support and prayers…
I’m thankful for life, provision and healing. Pls dont feel bad, or msg me with any worries.. God has done it, just thank Him for me
The pain will eventually go away but the scar won’t – and I’m glad because it’s a reminder to me of what God has done, and evidence to you of what He CAN do. I’m not stronger or better than anyone. I’m just a living testimony that no matter what u face, U can survive & thrive, by God’s grace. We wish him a quick recovery.

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How Nigerian Billionaires source for energy to sustain themselves.


Gone are the days when Nigerian men show their wealth by having a pot belly. Back then when they relied on the saying, that “Pot belly is an evidence of good living”. That statement has single handedly caused more death than Ebola has caused in Nigeria.

I was opportune to have a quick chat with a secretive Billionaire, on how they get to attend all these meetings, all day long, make all these business decisions, and handle all these employees,and still have the energy to travel around the world for business. He told me that the initial key obviously will be to Pray, plan, and work hard, with the main one being EXERCISE.. They automatically feel better when they sweat. Because the brain, the heart, and entire body system, get blood flow which leads to efficiency for work. Every Rich man in Nigeria nowadays, is thriving to be as slender as the average person. Which is the reason their bodyguards are noe being mistaken for the boss. While we sleep, these men work, while we are awake, they equally work. So if exercise has been named the main source of the energy, the backbone,and it is working for well for them, then why are you and I not do the same? I see people who don’t lift a pin in the name of workout, complain about all kinds of pain, and when I look at their counterparts in the exercise world,it is incredibly clear who is living a better life. Now for an employee, you might not have the time to work out everyday like I do, but you can try weekends and every other day. Burn the fat and tell me how it felt.

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