These right here, are the most Comfortable pair of heels I have ever owed.


Hi guys, so I am not sure if you have noticed, but I love to wear sneakers and flat shoes. I live in Nigeria, and I like to be realistic with life. We can’t be seen walking around on heels when We all know the state of our roads here. Even when I am going out with a car, which is occasionally, I still have my pair of flats in the car.

I love boots and flat shoes, but own a lot of heels. Now, one myth about hells is that, when they are new, they are very very painful especially when you stand on them for long. So as time goes on, the pain subsides as fast as you wear the shoes. With this fact, every girl expects some level of pain and torture when she purchases a pair of new shoes.

But I was surprised and even had my Jaw drop, when I ordered for these pair of shoes from Aldo Shoes. And wore them first to Ikoyi registry for my sister’s court wedding. I was a little distracted with the activities then that I didn’t notice that my shoes weren’t in anyway being painful. I wore them to a party, dance my way to every corner of the hall, and still didn’t feel a thing.

Now That I have found out that these are the best things that have ever happened to the heels life of my feet, my worry is that when they get old, I will be broken. So the question here is, should I packed them up and preserve them and have them ho out of season just so they last long in my life, or should I rock them until they crash and burn, and then I simply move on to a painful life?

Because these shoes are the best. Jean material body, embellished with these beautiful Southern African beads. It is to die for.




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Laura Ikeji Kanu teases her fans on IG with beautiful photos as she holds back details with the intent to surprise them.


The gang boss, fashion blogger, lauraikeji-1510318499032







lauraikeji-1510318598923and Instagram chic Laura Kanu (Nee Ikeji), a sister to Linda Ikeji,the Nigerian Top blogger, who happily had her traditional marriage to the Ogbonnaya Kanu, the younger brother of Legendary 90’s footballer Nwankwo Kanu, early this year, came back to the Country two months ago after having her baby boy Ryan Ogbonnaya Kanu in Texas U.S.A, has returned to her clothes retail store in Lekki Lagos sate, where she makes magic with clothes.

Two days ago, Laura teased her fans on Instagram, about a secret shoot she was allegedly about to have which she explained was specifically for her Instagram and her fans, but was only going to be revealed in December.

A lot of beautiful pictures suspected to be from the shoot has been released by Laura on her Instagram page, where she advised her fans not to change their IG handles from private to business because there were a lot of hidden rules and charges. She also went ahead to make it known to her fans that nothing was ever going to slow her down, neither Marriage nor baby was capable of it.

Guys, peep the photos from the shoot, and see what I mean. They are lit..

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