Have Nigerians Chosen their next leader?


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In preparation for the 2019 presidential election race, former leaders are back at their bad habits of boot licking and public deceit of he ever gullible, and desperate masses, like we have always known. While many present themselves for deceit by these former leaders, others are making their deciding based on the previous records of the leader during his reign. It is no joke that the only recycling that Nigerians now engage in, is that of the former leaders.

A. President Buhari is right now still the President, and already having Nigerians complain of his inability to deliver what he boldly promised the Country during his campaign. He has become so invincible that he is now has asked that the opinions of the same Nigerians that he is failing, be monitored. Nigerians are done with the same circle happening all over again. There is hardly a credible election no matter what they tell us. With the whole nation now crying out to God for a credible leader, and with the Northerners who hardly ever complain about a leader from them, now complaining and attacking the APC party members. So Buhari’s own is not yet clear.

B. For former Vice President Atiku Abubakar, his thinks bad mouthing the incumbent Presidnet is all he needs to gain the attention of the people. He recently paid for some youths/children to go watch the movie ‘Black Panther’, thinking that the same style they used in the 90s and early 2000, is what they can use in this generation to gain attention. He wasn’t infant an impeccable leader at his time, because they basically have Vice President who just stand in the shadow of the President. He is actually just not significant. But we heard he did a little thing for his people, combined with a lot of things for himself. The vice President was part of the hidden, never ending story of former leaders who sorted themselves out from the national pocket, and even though we can’t do anything about it, we the youths just arm ourselves with the information that will be put to use when t he time comes.

C. The former Governor of Cross River, and the most significant leader of his time Donald Duke, has been accepted by Nigerians due to his previous records. He had taken over a poor state and transformed into the world tourist, with the annual Calabar Carnival that has been one of the main sources of income for the state and its people. He has left office for a long time now, but he legacy is growing stronger on the Sourh state of Cross River. I am not from that state, but he is the most impressive man of the Country. He even received a ‘Man of the year award’ for his incredible impact on his state.

Thry are saying that young people can’t do anything for this nation, but Donald Duke was the younger of all leaders durin his reign as the Governor. He did what other very old governors couldn’t do for their indigenes. Going by the experience the have had in the hands of these men, many Nigerians are looking at ‘C’. But what about those people who will vote, not for the good of the Country but for the selfish thing they stand to gain when their corrupt candidate wins. This is the issue with the Country. While many are not feeding on a dollar, a few are feeding on a billion. And this is most dangerous group of all. Because why will they want to do anything for the good of the whole Country, when selfishness can get them so much more? While we all have a plan on our mind, the election is not always trusted, because a lot of corruption and bad influences are going on every level of the Country. From the Presidential level, to the primary school level. It has eaten deep into the blood of everyone .

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